2011 E82 -> 1M Body-Kit (Paint + Fit)

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    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I have an 2011 E82 BMW and plan on purchasing the ‘Front’ and ‘Rear’ ‘1M/M1’ bumpers, (which are designed to fit the standard E82 shape, (not widebody)). Around £600
    I wish for the bumpers to be sprayed and also installed. (381 Le Mans Blue)

    I am from the ‘West Midlands, Walsall’ and wanted to ask for suggestions and opinions on where would be best for me to take my car with a place that:

    - Has Good Customer Service

    - Is Knowledgeable

    - Is Professional

    I have done a lot of online research however, as you can imagine, I have had very mixed reviews from a ton of places being great in one aspect and others being terrible in another.:weep:

    In my opinion, nothing beats hearing someone’s experiences from places they have taken their own vehicle, so I ask the question on here. . .:wavey:
    Please help, look forward to hearing back! :beers:

    P.S. If you could also give some rough estimations on how much it should cost me, thanks [​IMG]

    Kind Regards,

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