BMW 318 es 2006 (56 plate) e90

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    Hi the car spec is above.

    I am no mechanic or will ever claim to be one but has found this forum good previously for ideas/ feedback and just general knowledge I have 2 questions and unsure if they could be linked but any feedback is greatly appreciated. So thanks in advance

    Car has timing chain replaced mileage 100k , current mileage 104k

    1.) When the car starts occasionally and different time weather short/long journey their is burning smell if for radiators are on and you can see through the screen slight smoke venting from the driver side coming from the engine bay but this lasts only a minute or two then goes?

    I had the car off a freind who advised it may of been a seal somewhere brief I know! But it was noticed when the timing chain was done? But the expense at the time was too much for this + timing chain as it was weekend job from a freind of his.

    Any ideas?
    That video link on another forum is something very similar area wise but as I say it isn't normally start up just at different times when driving and the heating is on or air con bringing the smell into the cabin.

    2.) I have had to top the coolant expansion tank twice in around 2 months, each with a few weeks between before the low coolant light message appears?

    At the bottom of the engine bay their is defo very small liquid areas present (pics if requested can be added)

    Any ideas on this could they be linked? Question 1 and 2? I know they could be separate but worth asking.

    The yellow engine management light did come on a few weeks back , was cleared and hasnt reappeared for these code.
    2a61 , 2a6b which is vanos? Valettonic motor or something?

    No eml light currently present

    Just the 2 issues above. I appreciated I have gone into a lot of detail and probably waffled but I've tried to explain.

    Thanks all for reading and any feedback is very much appreciated.


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