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Discussion in 'General chat' started by mach one, Dec 2, 2019.

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    we all go on about the pros and cons of run flats but we seldom hear about the real world experience of run flats when you get a puncture

    yesterday morning l left home bright and early for a couple of days in Birmingham first stop was meant to be the NEC for the BBC good food show but 60 miles from home that dash lights up with low tyre pressure warning so l back off to 80 KPH and four miles later we stop at a Tesco near Telford to use the Arline but as soon as the air went in you could hear it coming back out

    so l thought lets see what a run flat is like when driven with zero pressure the dash said drive at 80 KPH but once back on the M54 80 KPH was a little slow so l set the speed limit switch to 100 KPH and l was happier at this speed amongst the traffic 55 miles later at all done at 100 KPH the tyre was still intact and the car was still driving well with no vibration from the flat tyre

    so after a day at the good food show l was online looking for a place near the NEC that could fit a 275/40/19 Dunlop run flat on Monday so l could get home l found a place in Coventry that could fit a new tyre at 1.00pm Monday for £215.00 all in. so on Monday l had 12 miles to the tyre depot where the car was booked. as l was on the A45 so l set the speed limit to 80 KPH and as l got to Coventry 67 miles in to my journey on a tyre with zero pressure the tyre was starting to get a little bit nosier and you could feel it starting to move about in the corners but we arrived at the tyre depot with the tyre still in one piece

    when the car was on the jack and we had the wheel off we had a good look at how the tyre had faired and whilst it was completely shot it had done its job and some. the inside edge had the cord showing around most of the circumference and the tyre was starting to come apart at this point

    l am not sure how much further the tyre would have gone before failing completely but lucky we didnt have to take it any further so it is a big (y) from me for run flats
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    A couple of years ago, I got a puncture on a coast road in SW Scotland, miles from the nearest town. It was an instant deflation (gash in sidewall), but as I had runflats I drove for another half mile to a safe place to park. It would have been dangerous to stop where it happened, as the road was narrow with numerous blind bends. I was recovered by BMW ES 20 mins later and my car was trailered to the local BMW main dealer in Dumfries, which fortunately was only walking distance from our hotel. This happened on Easter Sunday, so I was surprised to receive a call from the dealer at 9.30 am next morning to tell me that a new tyre had been fitted. The experience was absolutely hassle free, and to make it even better, BMW ES paid for 1 night's dinner, bed and breakfast.

    So for me, runflats + BMW ES is a 'no brainer'. :)

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