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Discussion in 'General chat' started by Abh29, May 12, 2019.

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    I am trying to find out the mileage that the dealer resets the cbs to after an oil service , is it 18,000 or 19,000 miles.

    The reason I am looking at this is the service pack I bought for the car is 36,000 miles cost was £299, The dealer quoted £295 for the first oil service and £89.50 for the vehicle check , so even if I only get one of each its worth it.
    Car has now done 17378 and cbs says oil service required in 1700 miles so do I get it done early[it can be done 1250 miles early]and hope to get the second in, or leave it until it needs doing and assume I will only get one oil service.
    What allowance do BMW make if it gets done after the required date.
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    Hi @Abh29 - being German, the reset on the CBS is 30,000 kilometres which if you've set the gizmo to miles etc gives 18641 miles which generally displays as 19K miles till the next service but drops to 18 in under a thousand miles - which surprises many people.

    However when you can have the car serviced 'early' depends on the dealership playing ball.

    Have a read of my experiences last year - i insisted they clarify with BMW HQ and got a result.

    I have the older Service plan of 5 yeatrs or 50K miles (80K km) and had hoped to get three services from it - but not a chance - not even if I had had the first service done early too.

    The bean-counters have it stitched up - my next service is due in 8000 miles when the car will have done 55000 miles - so that's that.

    But the servicing I've had to date - 2 oil & filter changes, 2 cabin/pollen filters, 1 brake fluid change, 1 air filter and 1 fuel filter, plus the vehicle check, means that I have benefited from the plan compared with paying for the services as and when required.

    With the newer Service Plan it would be worse as I see no way to get even 2 services so no longer worth taking.

    To do 36k miles in 3 years is a 12k/year average and most folks doing that mileage will be using motorways to a fair extent and the countdown slows up doing that.

    For example my twice-yearly 6000k mile trips to the Balkans never reduce the 'mileage to next service' by 6K - the countdown reduces by only 4 or 5K

    The reset mileage of 19K translates into 21 or 22K of motorway miles for me.

    I'm a bit 'old-school' and consider that too long - so I change the oil-filter (but not the oil) half way through. I also change the air-filter at every oil-change as opposed to BMW's schedule of every 2nd oil-change.

    Obviously lots of short journeys / city use would have the opposite effect - speeding up the countdown rate but to achieve that one would need to have use similar to a taxi perhaps - or only weekend use.

    If one is a low mileage user and services are according to time, then the same thing happens - as 2-year intervals don't match the Service Plan length.

    My advice would be to push for early servicing - I would be very wary of having it done late.

    I believe that servicing up to 1K 'late' is OK by BMW as far as staying withing their warranty rules - but they don't publicise that/
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    I was told by my dealer that you have to be within 1000 miles of the target to qualify for the service. So if its due at 19K, you can get it done at 18K.

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