OEM M Wheels & Brake Dust

Discussion in 'M Power' started by mystic sport, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Having owned (I think) 16 or 17 BMW's now with 4 of them being M3 and M5's (2 of each) I have had plenty of experience of washing the wheels.
    Now, if on the regular models including M sports I left the wheel washing for more than two weeks or around 500 miles I had to drag out the brake dust busting fluid as I would always without fail have those stubborn spots building up. Leave it for a month and it got really bad.

    However, on my two E46 M3s one of which ran OEM 18s and the other OEM 19s and my E60 M5 on the standard 19s I never ever got brake dust build up. Certainly there would be plenty of brake dust present but even after a couple of months of neglect the dust would wash off easily.

    Fast forward to present day and it is exactly the same with the 20s on my F10 M5, the brake dust washes off brilliantly.

    So what gives? Do the proper M wheels have a Teflon coating, special light weight carbon fibre anti brake dust paint or do the brake pads have a different compound to regular models.

    Been thinking this over for years and finally decided to pose the question lol
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    My guess is that it depends on the friction material of whatever pads are fitted. Pads with the so called 'organic' compound material are lighter in colour and the residue maybe washes off easier.

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