The fitting of BMW* rated tyres on BMW cars in particular on X-drives vehicles.

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    On some BMW forums and possibly this one as well at some time or another, the fitting of BMW * rated tyres to X drive vehicles has always been quoted as being a requirement by BMW to entertain a warranty claim should a problem arise with the vehicle's transmission. Most of this information appears to be anecdotal.

    I am going to ask BMW to clarify the situation with regards to the F48 X1 xDrive SAV (UK-L platform) that is front-wheel-drive bias and not the rear-wheel-drive bias. Most of you will know the way the front 4 wheel drive system works is different from the way the rear 4 wheel drive system works because different components are used.

    It is my intention to ask for clarification where the car is fitted with NON-RunFlat 225/50 R18 W (99) all season (all-weather) tyres. The reason I am going to approach them is that it is not possible to purchase these tyres in the EU/UK as BMW * rated tyres from any tyre supplier. They can be found as NON-BMW * rated. See Note 1 below. When you ask a dealer about fitting non-BMW * rated tyres to the X1, they are unable to comment on what would happen should a claim arise.
    The reason I am pursuing this is that the US and Canadian markets do have the option of ordering NON-RunFlat 225/50 R18 W (99) all-season tyres when the car is built (OEM). See attachment. Naturally, in this situation, BMW would not contest a warranty claim on the transmission should a problem arise. One guy answered on another forum saying he had Continental tyres fitted.
    All season non rft.JPG

    The question to all but most probably Peter.
    Does anyone on this forum have any printed information in the form of a letter or technical bulletin, where BMW has refused to honour the warranty on a faulty X drive transmission when the correct tyre size has been used, but were not BMW * rated ones? Naturally, I am talking about sets of 4 from the same tyre manufacturer with the same tread depth!

    Note 1. I have found 4 different top EU tyre manufacturers including Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Vredestein making the exact tyres.

    Note 2. The default tyre configuration on a new build for UK X1 is now standard tyres with a mobility kit (gunge) with the option of purchasing a space saver with jack at £150. Run Flat Tyres are not an option anymore.


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